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About Us

Yellow Lines Inc. is a fully-integrated parking lot services company, serving the wider Alberta and Quebec regions. It was established by Feruzi Mbayo, who has been in the construction industry for many years in Quebec and Alberta. With an academic background in construction management, Feruzi moved west to Alberta from Quebec and built up the company to offer specialized services in the areas of:

Yellow lines

Parking signs

Parking layout

Pressure washing

Parking lot sweeping

Our company is one of the leaders in its class and is dedicated to good workmanship, providing affordable services with the use of environmentally friendly products. Additionally, our services are available from 7am till 7pm on weekdays and weekends.

Our Services

Painting  lines in parking lots, athletic courts, stalls, curbs, sidewalks and in warehouses.
Yellow Lines
  • Line painting
  • Athletic courts layouts
  • Safety lines
  • Stall stripes
  • Curbs
  • Sidewalks
  • Light pole bases
  • Warehouse line painting
We paint parking lines and symbols such as directional arrows, disabled markings and numbers as well as crosswalks, stops and other specialty markings in Calgary, Alberta.
Parking Signs
  • Directional arrows
  • Numbers
  • Handicap symbols
  • Speed bumps
  • Crosswalk lines
  • Stop lines / bars
  • Stop bars
  • Other specialty markings
Yellow Lines Inc paints parking layouts with stenciling or crosshatching, and can also remove previous marking with blacking out or grinding.
Parking Layouts
  • Pavement markings
  • Removal of previous markings
    (blacking out / grinding)
  • Parking lot numbering
  • Letter stenciling
  • Crosshatching
We can pressure was your concrete floor and then seal it, including removal of rust, oil stains or grease.
Pressure Washing
  • Power washing
  • Concrete floor washing, scrubbing, and sealing
  • Natural stone power washing
  • Oil stains removal
  • Rust removal – concrete and stone
  • Grease cleaning
Yellow Lines Inc will keep your parking lot free of debris such as broken glass, dirt, loose gravel and other hazards with our quiet and environmentally friendly process.
Parking Lot Sweeping
  • Our machines do power sweeping while being quiet and environmentally friendly
  • Sweeping of leaves, broken glass, paper and other debris
  • Removal of loose gravel, dirt and other safety and environmental hazards

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Our experienced Customer Service Team is ready to offer the right solution. We serve our clients in Calgary and surrounding areas.

Parking lot maintenance, layouts and painting in Calgary.

We serve a diverse customer base. For us, a job is never too big nor is it ever too small. We engage with the customer in good faith so that we can find mutually acceptable grounds for an agreement.

Yellow Lines Inc is accredited by the BBB for superiour trust and credibility.

We Ensure Competitive Pricing